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HYF&C News

Certification this Saturday!!

ALL participants need to be at RO Hardin in their designated practice areas NO later than 7:45 am as we will be boarding the buses promptly. We depart at 8 am sharp!  We need to stay on schedule with our best behavior to get in and get out.

Parents, please pack your participant a sack lunch in a BROWN PAPER BAG with bottled water. 
No Gatorade, juices, sodas, etc are aloud.

Team Mom's will notify all of their participants parents when we are on the way back.

Parents, follow up with your participants team Mom no LATER than today to confirm the $20 transportation fee and form has been turned in.  If the fee and the form have not been turned in, your participant will not be certified. 

As mentioned in the parent meeting, our Association rides up and back together.  We check in as an association together and leave together.

Fundraiser Alerts

2014 Fundraisers

The DeBrito Fundraiser is now CLOSED.  All orders turned in yesterday were processing this morning.  We expect to receive delivery of ALL orders on 9/12.

Thank you to all who participated.

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